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New titles for 2011


Green Man icon picture

Use a webcam to monitor an area against intrusion.Read more here.
  SCREEN BLACKOUT  version 1.0.0

You don't want to pay for software? No problem, get a FREE copy of lights out and stop wasting energy when you don't use the computer. No addons, no spam, no infected files, no worries with Caracolix software, ever.
Get it here.
  HEALTH ONE LIFE ONLY  version 1.1.0

olo icon picture

Keep record of you vital functions with this FREE app. Record blood pressure, blood sugar, body weight, temperature and more. See your life on a chart, print it as is or as a list to show it to your doctor. More info here.
  MATH THE GREEN LITTLE MAN...  version 1.1.1

Green Man icon picture

The Green Little Man from Outher Space is a simple calculator to operate on long list of numbers entered at once or from a file.Download this FREE app here
  SECURITY HOLLY CHEESE  version 1.0 -

HollyCheese icon picture

Password generator with all the fuzz you need to make happy to every site's requirements. You can also store your most frequent login/password combination on this FREE app. Download here.
  SECURITY LOCK-IX  version 1.1.1 -

Lockix icon picture

Safely leave your computer unatended at home or office or while traveling and never again need to remember a password to protect it. Lock-ix key-locks the computer and stores the combination in a portable device such as your ipod or cellphone.
Lock-ix site
  SECURITY Serial X  version 1.0 -

Safely store all your software licenses and registration codes in a common database.

Try it free!!
  SECURITY 1000 Passwords +  version 1.0 -

Safely store millions of passwords in your computer. Try it!
Categorized databases for ease and order. Very simple and easy to use.
  DESKTOP ARTDESK  version 2.0 - FREE

Chose your favorite themes from an extensive picture database, located at your computer or from any website. ArtDesk will download a new wallpaper at scheduled times.
Read more about this product at the official ArtDesk
web site.
  SCREEN MonitOff version 1.0 -

This tray accessory is used to switch off the power to the monitor. No more touching the monitor switch. Also it lets you save electricity because less energy is wasted when the console is not in use. The computer however, is not turned off which allows...
  SCREEN BIG FOOT version 1.0 -

BigFoot - ThE PaW is a basic computer control and program launcher.
All buttons can be configured to your needs and even they can be set to launch other programs.
More details
  SCREEN Lights Out version 1.0 -

Turn off your monitor at any time directly from
the screen. Save energy and the monitor when the
computer is not in use. There is no better screen saver
than having the screen off.
More information and download link
  SCREEN The Off Button version 1.0 -


If you liked Caracolix Lights Out, you will love TheOffButton.
This is an upscale version of it
predecessor. It's smaller, smarter and cuter. More details
  SCREEN Big Buttons version 1.0 -


From the buttons series of controls comes now BigButtons.
BigButtons large size is easily found on screen by anyone and turning off the screen is just a click away.
  WEBSITE Falcon Egg version 1.0 -

Whether you want to uncover the fraud behind the 99.99% uptime guaranty most host offer or you just need a reliable method of testing your web server reliability then Falcon Egg is the tool you need. Try it, it is free.
  TRAVEL I'VE BEEN @ version 1.0 -

I've been at icon picture

Keep track of the hotels you've been at or the restaurants you dinner or any other place you want to go back or mark it as a never go back.
IveBeen@ let you record and share.
Read more
  MATH BULKCALC version 1.0 - FREE


This tool lets you add, subtract, multiply or divide a long list of numbers just by pasting them on screen at one time or loading from a file. You can also calculate series. and much more. Download here  
  TEXT LINEFINDER version 1.0 - FREE


This tool lets you find a specific line number from a text file. Download it here  
  FILE BER version 1.0 - FREE


Bulk Extension Renamer lets you rename the matching extension names from a folder. Download it here  
  TEXT TRIVIA MKR version 1.0 - FREE
    This tool lets you format trivia questions and store them in a file for using with a trivia bot. Download it here  
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