Earthquake Watch

Current version 3.2.5 - Released July 17, 2007

Earthquakes are everywhere!!!

ven when you don't feel it because there is distance, depth, sleep or because they happen at the other side of the globe chances are an earth shake is happening right now or about to happen very soon.

here is nothing we can do at this time to prevent them from occurring nor can we save the lives it may take away during a catastrophic event.

But, it is in our power to help the experts learning more about those nasty, pesky, tremors by reporting what we experienced during a good one.

Earthquake Watch provides you a way to learn about the quakes that happen in your neighborhood and all over the world almost instantly.

Earthquake Watch is 100% FREE to use and to download.
It is also 100% clean of spyware or any other harmful stuff.

New in version 3.0 - Jun, 2007. Smaller vertical screen. This new screen is less obtrusive than any of the other displays and can be placed anywhere in the screen. See picture below.

New in version 3.1 - July, 2007.
Global Hit Map

See on the global hit map screen where in the world an earthquake has hit and how powerful it was by comparing their magnitudes displayed as colorful hairlines.

Also new in version 3.1: Screen transparency. Screen transparency let you partially hide earthquake watch desktop screens so they don't interfere with your desktop picture.

New in version 3.2 - July, 2007 - Enhanced 2 pane history screen.

Now all received records are permanent and are always displayed in the lower history pane. The top pane contains the download data with new and old events. This means that even when the downloaded data changes or is reset, we still keep the older earthquakes reported. In previous versions a log file was supplied instead. Now the log file, if needed, can be retrieved only from the configuration screen and this uncluters the menus on the main screen.

Come to the support area to learn what fixes were done between version 3.2 and 3.2.3. More here







 Download Earthquake Watch version 3.2.5


If you already have an older version installed just download this small file and extract it to the existing folder Earthquake Watch 3.2.5 - short

  Earthquake Watch also let you report what you felt during a ground shake.    

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We need your support to keep Quake Watch project alive. There are many venues for you to support it such as spreading the word about this software and what it does and also there is the monetary support.


Did You Know?

After an earthquake has stroked near your area you can report what you felt to the department of Geological Survey.
That information is then used to inform others, to study and some day to prevent loses.

Why you should help?

  • Because you live where earthquakes happen.
  • Because your help is needed and well used.
  • Because a lot of your neighbors also submit reports.
  • Because you must care for society well being.
  • Because of you and your family.Go to this page USGS for earthquake reports and add it to your favorite bookmarks then it will be always available for you to contribute when necessary.Go to this page USGS for earthquake reports and add it to your favorite bookmarks then it will be always available for you to contribute when necessary.

  Go to this page USGS for earthquake reports and add it to your favorite bookmarks then it will be always available for you to contribute when it strikes.
Tell your neighbors, friends and coworkers of this page because our participation is really important and it will make a difference.
Right now an average participation count in the city of Los Angeles and surrounded areas reaches about 15000 reports. That is nothing in a city of over 5 million people*.
That is why I'm trying to spread the word whenever possible because it seems no many people knows of the existence of the organization and the data collection form.
That's is why we created
Earthquake watch.
* As of 08.2007

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